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Church Emergency Assistance Fund

Church Emergency Assistance Fund

One benefit of your connection with New Beginnings includes participation in the Church Emergency Assistance Fund.

This fund is presently being developed to provide support to Churches who may experience a need for emergency ministry assistance. This includes assistance with paying rent or mortgage as well as essential utility bills that are delinquent due to insufficient fund.

Each inquiry for financial assistance will be reviewed by members of the trustee board before release of funds.  All requests must be submitted using the emergency assistance fund request form, which will be made available upon request.

The level of assistance will be limited to the funds that are in the emergency assistance fund account.

Every church is asked to participate in the activities that will be sponsored by the fellowship; this is a criteria for receiving assistance from New Beginnings.Churches who receive assistance from the emergency assistance fund will be asked to sign an agreement to reimburse any funds that were given from New Beginnings, so that there will be monies to assist other churches who may also need emergency assistance.