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Membership Criteria

Category (Associate/Covenant Member)

Membership in New Beginnings is voluntary, since we are not a denominational organization.

New Beginnings Pastors and/or their congregations are in covenant with Bishop Leach.  Your connection with New Beginnings does not require you to relinquish your affiliation with another reformation, as a requirement for membership.

All Pastors will be expected to submit a report during the New Beginnings Annual Conference to provide information on how their church or ministry is developing.  This information will be used by Bishop Leach, to determine how to best serve the needs of each participating pastor or church.

You will be expected to attend the New Beginnings Annual Conference and involve your congregation to the extent they wish to be involved.

Membership in good standing will be active as long as the required annual assessment is reported.  Any Pastor or church who fails to submit the annual assessment will be placed on inactive status until the annual report and fee has been submitted.

New Beginnings also provides covering for Heads of Ministries that may not be a local church. For these individuals, proof of a legitimate ministry will be determined by the New Beginnings Fellowship Orientation Committee.