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Social Justice Statement

New Beginnings Fellowship of Churches & Ministries 

Official Social Justice Statement


July 2020

The African American Church historically, has been one of the earliest institutions to advocate for the dignity and rights of people of color.

In light of the recent incidents of police brutality, or the tragic deaths of African American men and women, the church must continue be a voice that advocates for justice for all.

Unfortunately, the tragic and wrongful deaths of Mr. George Floyd; Ms. Breonna Taylor, Mr. Rashard Brooks, and Mr. Ahmaud Arbery has forced our nation to reexamine its commitment to liberty and justice for all.

With the repetitive narrative of injustice, racial divisiveness, and violence that continues to plague our nation, as a community of believers we cannot continue being silent observers.

I want to express my sincerest prayers and concern for those families who must adjust to a different life, in light of the tragic deaths of their sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.

As a nation that heralds the creed of “Liberty and Justice for All,” we must continue to declare that God is God all the time, and that He is on the side of oppressed and marginalized people.

The depravity of those persons responsible for committing these injustices, has awakened our nation, people of all races, ages, as well as communities around the world advocating for justice and that “Black Lives Matter.”

Dr. Martin Luther Kings, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As the Apostle of the New Beginnings Fellowship, I want to encourage and challenge every pastor, and member of New Beginnings to make a commitment to work at eradicating those systems that negatively affect black people, and people of color.

We are committed to making calls, sending emails, using various social media platforms, participating in voter registration efforts, and as well as mobilizing as many of the members of fellowship to participate in the voting process in November, 2020.

Let there be Freedom, Justice, and Equality for All.


In His Service,

Dr. Darnell Leach
Founder and Apostle of the New Beginnings Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, Inc.