Headquarters | 7905 Cryden Way, Forestville, MD 20747


The leadership in the Fellowship does not follow the same order that one would expect in a denomination or reformation.

The purpose of the leadership team for New Beginnings is to assist in facilitating objectives of the Fellowship.  The benefit of this kind of structure allows for plurality of leadership.

Fellowship Bishop – Dr. Darnell Leach
District Elder – Elder Michael Wilson
Treasurer – Pastor Keith Thompson
Secretary – Pastor Marva Edwards
Administrator – Minister Orissa Massey
Conference Coordinator – Minister Venita Hill
Ministry of Helps Coordinator – Pastor Virginia Lykes
Program Coordinator – Pastor Anita Leach

Board of Trustees

Bishop Darnell Leach
District Elder Michael Wilson
Bishop William Allen
Pastor Darrell Dreher
Pastor Marva Edwards
Bishop Marian Hickman
Bishop Felicia Kellam
Pastor Keith Thompson